We worship in response to God – He reveals Himself in the world around us, in the Scripture of the Bible, and in the presence of the Holy Spirit living in the hearts of his people. Our worship is framed by our conviction that in Jesus Christ, God came to the human race to reconcile us to Himself.

On Sunday mornings

We gather in the sanctuary auditorium shortly before 10 am and open with songs of praise to God. If you join us, you’ll notice people of various ages and diverse cultures and backgrounds. We enjoy an eclectic variety of music and value both the wisdom of our pastors and hearing the voices of one another as we share prayers, Scripture and stories about God in our lives. Our services end between 11:10-11:30 am and everyone is welcome to stay afterwards for beverages (and often sweet treats, too) either across the entrance hall in the gym or, when the weather allows, on the front patio.

We welcome the young to…