Vision & Values

River Park Church of Calgary, Alberta is a congregation of the Christian Reformed denomination in North America. Located in the Marda Loop neighbourhood, we seek to love God and love our neighbours – in Marda Loop, in our workplaces, and in the neighbourhoods of our homes.

Our Vision

All Nations, One Community in Jesus Christ

Our Priorities

Living a Christ-centred life in the Reformed tradition

Words like “God’s sovereignty”, “Covenant”, and “Kingdom” shape our sermons and perspectives on the world. We share a deep commitment to the Bible as the Word of God, a strong sense that God calls his people to serve him in every occupation, and a desire to build a safe and welcoming community in which everyone can learn to love and grow in Christ.

For more specific details on our beliefs, see the following:

We try to live with…

Joy – this is the hallmark of God’s kingdom and a chief sign of his life in us.  We are committed to enjoying God and having fun as we follow Jesus.

Justice and compassion – we believe a commitment to the poor, homeless and disadvantaged is an expression of our understanding of the gospel.

An appreciation for diversity – God’s kingdom is formed by people of every tribe and tongue, filled with many parts and many gifts, a mosaic together portraying the beauty of Jesus Christ.

An awareness of the power of small things – because God’s kingdom comes in small packages (mustard seeds, a cup of cold water) we will celebrate the power of small and everyday acts to change lives.

Regular rhythms to our lives and worship – we believe that the gospel is a way of life and is lived out through regular practices, a way of living that includes community worship, personal prayer, service to those who need help and support, generosity to the needy, time with Scripture, and time with one another.

Authenticity – we believe that people are at their best when they are being honest with themselves, others and God.  Because we have been given a new identity in Christ there’s no need to pretend.