Vision & Values

Welcome to River Park Church!  We’re looking forward to meeting you!

While we’re located in Marda Loop; we’re part of the larger Christian Reformed Church of North America.  River Park Church is an active congregation, with many different programs like The Gathering (Youth), both Men’s and Women’s ministry, an Intercultural program, Friendship group (for those with disabilities), Bible Studies, Small Groups, Alpha Programs (for those wanting to explore the Christian Faith) and so much more.

Our Vision:

Reaching Out.
Drawing In.
Creating Community.

But what does that mean?  It means….

Believing in God the Father as our Creator, Jesus as our Redeemer and the Holy Spirit as the One who renews us, we are intentional in:

Reaching Out. Grounded in God’s grace and love, we will build relationships and meet needs of our community, embracing each other’s unique being, ethnicity, background and ideas while recognizing that we can’t do life by ourselves.

We value integrity, humility, serving, social justice and thoughtfully impacting our culture.

Drawing In. With creative and heartfelt worship to God and authentic and empowering ministries, we will be intentional in creating room for all.

We value trust, curiosity, being relevant, hospitality, mutual acceptance, and transparency.

Creating Community. In seeking a deeper relationship with God, we will be a place where people of different cultures, backgrounds, gifts and abilities can find belonging and contribute to our life together and God’s world.

We value inclusion, diversity, authenticity, compassion, openness, and vulnerability.

In all of this we are grounded in and guided by the Word of God.

Want to learn more about us?  Please join us on Sunday morning at 10am.  Feel free to fill out the Information Card (found in the pockets of the pew chairs).

Want to learn more about our specific beliefs, or the Christian Reformed Church in North America?  Ask us! Or visit