Infants to 3 year olds
Sunday 10 AM Worship Service
Christmas Eve Service

The nursery provides safe and nurturing childcare during every worship service and is open 15 minutes prior to the start of the service.  It is staffed by church volunteers who have been screened and adhere to our Safe Church policy.

A minimum of one adult nursery attendant will be present in the nursery at all times, accompanied by one or more teenaged caregivers.

When using the nursery:

  • you are required to register your child
  • you may record any special instructions for the caregivers
  • you will be given two name tags
    • one name tag is to be attached to your child’s clothing
    • the other is to be attached to their diaper bag.

You will also be given a numbered tag. Take this tag with you; if your presence is required in the nursery your child’s number will appear on the small screen at the front left of the church.

When picking up your child (no later than the end of the service), return the number tag to the nursery attendant, who will gather your child and diaper bag for you.  Then, simply remove the name tags and return them to the attendant.

Due to various food allergies no snacks are permitted, however you are welcome to take your child from the nursery to give them a snack.

Come worship at River Park Church and know that your children are cared for in a safe, secure and fun environment in the nursery.

Contact us for more information.


All child and youth ministry volunteers have been screened and adhere to our Safe Church policy.