Welcome to a giving church

At River Park Church, we believe all of life can only be properly understood when viewed through the lens of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only when we understand our material possessions in light of Christ’s sacrificial love for us that we can truly have a healthy relationship towards our material possessions.

Only by seeing that Christ gave up everything so that we could inherit the riches of heaven will we be transformed into individuals who are both joyful and generous. Paul summarizes this idea in 2 Corinthians 8:9: “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich”. Understanding the riches we have already received in Christ liberates us from the need to make an idol of our possessions and motivates us to invest our wealth, talents, and time in the eternal kingdom of God.

Ways to give

Giving via envelopes – The Canadian government recognizes the work that registered charities and churches, like River Park Church, do is of benefit to society as a whole. It encourages us to support them by exempting us from having to pay any income taxes on money we give to such organizations.  At tax time we must be able to prove how much money we gave to which registered charities.  By using a set of numbered envelopes (your number is exclusive to you), you can give cash or cheques and get a tax deductible receipt at the end of the year. This tax receipt should net you a refund (or less tax owing) equal to over 40% of your charitable giving. This means that you can actually support your favorite charity with a 40% larger gift than you first thought! As well, you can use the envelope to designate your gifts to the causes of your choice whether the offering is for them or not.

Should I use envelopes even though I have no taxable income?  Yes, because tax receipts can be saved for up to five years. Ideally, very little loose change should end up in the offering plate, because using envelopes or tokens will let you direct where more of your money goes, instead of the tax man!  As well, the counting clerk records by envelope number, not by name, thus a cheque outside an envelope needs to be cross referenced to an envelope number before being recorded. Using an envelope saves our volunteers work.

Giving via tokens – Tokens are another way to give small amounts and still get a tax credit. They let you pre-give a larger amount to RPC by cheque by buying tokens in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 dollars. You can then designate where the money goes by placing the tokens in the appropriate offering. Please note that tokens are dated, and at the end of the year any funds represented by unused tokens are placed in the Church Fund.

Ordering tokens and envelopes – envelopes and tokens allow RPC to issue receipts for your giving so that it can be claimed as charitable donations and thus save on taxes. Both can be ordered by placing completed forms (available in back of church or on line) in any offering plate. You can also send the envelope order form directly to the office by emailing it to   Token order form.

Pre-authorized giving is also available.  Direct Deposit Agreement FormDirect Deposit Change Form.

Finally, you can give to River Park Church online, through this website.  Just click on the “donate now” button in the bottom right hand corner of the website to begin the process.

Directing your donations

At River Park Church, we want to honour your giving intentions.  To do that, we follow a few basic guidelines in making sure your donations go to where you determine to send them:

1. All cash and tokens given in an offering during a worship service go to the cause the offering was designated for.

2. All designated cheques (designated on the cheque itself as a note or on its envelope) go to the cause you have designated.

3. Any undesignated cheques go to the Church Fund, no matter which offering it was placed in.

Please note that all cheques must be made out to River Park Church, not to the name of other causes (e.g. CRWRC or “Sonshine Centre”).

Personal Stewardship

Does your month last longer than your money? Are you frustrated with your inability to give as joyously and generously to the world’s needs as you would like?

Perhaps you would benefit from sitting down with a fellow Christian and receiving some confidential, one-on-one financial planning. River Park Church’s Stewardship Team is pleased to offer this help to those in our congregation who recognize a weakness in this area and are sincerely looking for help. If you would like help, or have further questions, please email us at

For further information on stewardship, please check out Christian Stewardship Services at: