Special Needs

Friendship Group

A special ministry for developmentally challenged people ages 18+ in our neighborhood. It is a successful program in which each handicapped person is matched, one-on-one, with a committed volunteer. The goals of the program are for persons who are developmentally challenged to have a safe environment in which to grow in their knowledge of God and His word, experience a sense of belonging to Christ’s body and commit their lives to Christ, and that the church will grow in love for, and acceptance of, persons who are developmentally challenged.


River Park Church is completely wheelchair accessible with a ramps into the building and sanctuary. Washrooms are equipped with a wheelchair stall. An elevator will take you down to the lower level and back up.

Hearing Impaired  

The sanctuary sound technicians can provide you with an enhanced hearing device that will transmit what’s happening around you so you can hear it.

Sight Impaired  

River Park Church has a library of about 150 songs in Braille. Some of these songs will be included in services if staff is aware that a sight-impaired person who can read braille will be in attendance. Please contact the church office at least a week in advance so that we can be prepared.