This Sunday Pastor Gary Bomhof will be providing the message “The Power of Blessing” from Numbers 6: 22-27 and Matthew 3: 13-17. We will explore the inherent power of the blessing we receive from God through Jesus and in turn the blessing we are to be for others.

RPC Sunday School Lessons are moving to Zoom. Kids preschool to Grade 4 can join at 9am on Sunday for a 20-minute Bible story! Please contact the church office at if you did not receive the Zoom link.

In Church Info:

We know that our services will look different over the short term, but are still happy to have the opportunity to worship again in person.  However, for those who aren’t comfortable returning or who aren’t able, we will still continue to have our online services each Sunday morning.

RPC’S Online Service:

We encourage you to join us on ZOOM if you prefer this option over the in-person service.

To access the Zoom Room, just click on the following link:

9:45 – Connect for pre-service fellowship.

10:00 – Worship Service.

After Service Fellowship –Stay online after the service to join a breakout room to connect and engage with a smaller group of people.

Continued Offerings:  

This week our offering is for Emma House. This local organization continues to minister to expectant moms who have no other means of support. Just recently one mom and child transitioned successfully back into the community while still receiving support from Emma House. Currently their new location in Kensington is home to five women and three babies. For more information go to Your support of this cause is much appreciated by the moms who live there and by those who work faithfully to support them. 

Second Offering is for the RPC Ministries Fund.

Offering Schedule: Nov 15: Calgary Foodbank, Nov 22: Mission Support, Nov 29: Sonshine Children’s Program.