Sunday Service:

This Sunday Pastor Layne Kilbreath will be providing the message “Forming Our Kids to Love God & Neighbour” from Rev 7:9-17, Gen 2:7, Acts 13:1. He will be preaching on Zoom and the sermon will be projected onto the screen in the sanctuary.

Sunday School will be provided based on volunteer availability and will be confirmed during the service each week.

In Church Info:

We know that our services will look different over the short term, but are still happy to have the opportunity to worship again in person.  However, for those who aren’t comfortable returning or who aren’t able, we will still continue to have our online services each Sunday morning.

RPC’S Online Service:

We encourage you to join us on ZOOM if you prefer this option over the in-person service.

To access the Zoom Room, just click on the following link:

9:45 – Connect for pre-service fellowship.

10:00 – Worship Service.

After Service Fellowship –Stay online after the service to join a breakout room to connect and engage with a smaller group of people.