Beyond our walls

At River Park Church, we take seriously the call to follow the servant nature of Jesus.


The Service Deacons are a group of men and women who are called to be agents that show God’s mercy and care to those with special needs within our church, community, city, province, country and around the world.  We actively provide opportunities for our church to express their gratefulness to God with offerings of wealth, time and ability.  We perform these tasks by meeting monthly to pray, report on activities, assess the needs of our church and community and develop programs of assistance as may be necessary.  In between meetings we visit those in need and serve where necessary.  Some of our programs include an ongoing Refugee Resettlement program.  In addition we maintain liaisons with ministries associated with River Park Church, including Inn from the Cold, Sonshine Centre, and the Justice Film Festival.  Current areas in need of volunteers include Inn from the Cold and Sonshine Centre.

For information on assistance with needs or opportunities to serve, contact the church office at 403-243-2244

Global Missions Team

The Global Missions Team is committed to encouraging missions around the world by supporting those involved in mission and cross-cultural work, educating the church in terms of needs and opportunities, and challenging the church to look outward and be globally minded Christians.

We support a number of people working in Calgary and around the world and encourage a variety of short term mission projects for individuals.  In the past we have also conducted short term group mission trips and are making plans to re-establish similar initiatives.