Life Transitions


Baptism is a special, sacred moment where we see God coming to us, graciously giving us his promises and enfolding us a part of his family, the church.

At River Park Church, we baptize both

  • infants of believing parents
  • adults who have not been baptized

A pastor will meet with parent(s) requesting infant baptism.  Adults requesting baptism should plan on attending the Profession of Faith class.

Profession of Faith

We believe that publicly declaring a commitment to Jesus Christ is part of a healthy faith journey.

Whether baptised as an infant or incorporated with adult baptism those interested in exploring Profession of Faith are invited to attend a 6 – 8 week course about the core elements of the Christian faith.  Courses are held at various times throughout the year.


If you have lost someone you love, we want to walk with you through your grief.  Our pastors offer pastoral care and can provide assistance in making funeral arrangements and service planning, as requested.


One of the great celebrations of our lives, our pastors conduct Christian weddings.   As they desire that couples begin their life journey together equipped with the tools for a successful marriage, you will be asked to attend the Marriage Preparation small group.

Our facility is available to book for weddings.