This Sunday, Pastor Adrian de Lange will bring us the message “Final Reforms Part 2: Purity” based on the scriptures: Nehemiah 13:23-29; Rev. 5:9-12.

Both our Designated Giving & Church Fund Offerings will be done as come forward offerings this upcoming Sunday.

Upcoming Service Schedule: July 11: Pastor Adrian de Lange, July 18: Chaplain Layne Kilbreath (Adrian is at a Classical Appointment at Maranatha, Lethbridge), July 25: Pastor Case Vink

As we enter into a new season marked by reduced restrictions, we are excited to actively invite and promote congregational singing. The government has strongly discouraged this activity for more than 18 months and we have been glad to follow their best recommendations. As we move into stage 3 and with over 70% of Albertans having been vaccinated, we invite the family of RPC to SING….LOUD…but…with a mask! 

If you are attending in person masks are still a part of the deal, but we want to invite everyone to feel free to lift up their voices in praise to the God who can hear us-even behind a mask.

The council and staff at River park continue to stay up to date on COVID concerns and keep the safety and wellbeing of members as a central concern.

We encourage you to join us on ZOOM:

To access the Zoom Room, just click on the following link:

By Phone: Calgary is 1-587-328-1099

Meeting ID: 932 6384 5495

If you need a phone number outside of Calgary: Find your local number:

9:45 – Connect for pre-service fellowship. 10:00 – Worship Service. After Service Fellowship –Stay online after the service to join a breakout room to connect and engage with a smaller group of people.