This Sunday Rev. Adrian de Lange will be preaching at River Park Church (VIA ZOOM). Pastor Adrian is being presented to the congregation as a candidate for call to be the pastor of Preaching, Care and Spiritual Formation. Council has interviewed Pastor Adrian and presents this candidate to the congregation for consideration of call.

There will be an interview (VIA ZOOM) with Pastor Adrian following the service.  The interview will be projected into the sanctuary for those who have attended live and be able to be seen online as well.

Council will meet following this interview process and a decision will be made whether to call a vote for this pastoral candidate. If council affirms that a vote will take place, the projected date is October 4, 2020.

Please keep this process and Pastor Adrian and Kaylee in your prayers.

In some ways it seems that the church community has been in exile for the last 5 months and finally we are taking the tentative steps to return to our familiar home. Some of the questions we are hoping to explore are, “Where is God asking us to place an emphasis?’, “What did we learn in the exile?” ” Is there a yearning o get back to gather in worship?”

We look forward to a blessed Sunday!

In Church Info:

Prior to coming, please note the following:

  • You will not need to pre-register for church.  However, you will need to complete a pre-screening form prior to arrival (see below).  This form will be emailed out each week, along with information on any other items you may need (ie communion items).  You do not need to provide the completed form to us.
  • There will be no nursery or Sunday School at this time. Look for Sunday School to begin in mid October.
  • When you arrive at church you will see markers on the floor to help maintain 6 ft of distance between families or cohorts.  In addition, everyone who attends will need to sign in as we’re required to keep a list of attendees on file for 2 weeks.
  • There will be hand sanitizing stations and directional arrows throughout the church. Please follow the correct flow of traffic. 
  • In the sanctuary, only every second row of seating will be open.  Please keep 3 seats between families or cohorts.
  • The wearing of masks will be mandatory at all times.  Please note this is a requirement of the City of Calgary bylaw on Face Coverings.  Churches are not exempt from the bylaw as we’re considered a public space.  Those on the stage will be separated from the congregation by transparent barriers.
  • Our weekly offering will be done at the end of the service, the collection baskets will be in the foyer. The blue basket is for the church fund and the other plate is for the designated giving.
  • Once the service has ended, we’d ask that you leave the building and refrain from visiting within the church.  There will be no coffee service either and for at least the first couple of weeks, the gym will remain closed.

We know that our services will look different over the short term, but are still happy to have the opportunity to worship again in person.  However, for those who aren’t comfortable returning or who aren’t able, we will still continue to have our online services each Sunday morning.

We encourage you to join us on ZOOM if you cannot join the live service.

Here is the link:

By phone: Calgary is 1-587-328-1099

Meeting ID: 932 6384 5495

Here is a self-assessment tool which is prepared by Alberta Health:

Please take a moment to self -assess your personal health before you plan on joining us for the live service.

Non-medical masks are required. Here is a list of things to bring along for the service:

We look forward to seeing you!