This Week’s Service, June 28

9:45 – Connect for pre-service fellowship.

10:00 – Worship Service.

This week will be hearing from Paul Verhoef in a message entitled Unjust Suffering based on the scripture 1 Peter 2:18-25.

In the midst of a global pandemic and a societal conversation about racism, we will spend a little time with Peter’s letter to God’s elect and scattered church.  It is a letter that spends a good bit of time acknowledging the suffering of God’s people, and this week we will listen in and learn from some of those who have suffered. Please be aware that Paul will be referencing some painful parts of Christian history (like Jesus’ and Peter’s crucifixions and the history of lynching’s in the Southern USA, for instance), though he will not show graphic pictures.  

After Service Fellowship – Stay online after the service to join a breakout room to connect and engage with a smaller group of people.