Inter-Cultural Ministry (formerly Korean Ministry)

God is a lover of diversity.  He created a beautiful creation full of variety and colour.  And his dream for his church is that it be full of the variety and colour of his creation.

We believe God intends the church to be a place of wonderful diversity, a place where no matter your race or language, colour or ethnicity, you are welcomed because of Jesus Christ.

To that end, River Park Church seeks to become a “house of prayer for all nations” as the prophet Isaiah says, a colourful and diverse community of Christian faith.

Responding to that call the Korean Ministry began about ten years ago .  It has grown to have a pastor and now a vision to become a more diverse inter-cultural ministry.

There are several ongoing recurring events –

Bible Study

This class is offered to those who want to study the Bible deeper.

Discipleship & Leadership Training

A one year course to train members to minister effectively to one another, to their communities, and ultimately to the world.

English as a Second Language (is postponed until further notice)

Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced ESL Classes
ESL Class

(is postponed until further notice)

New Friends and Neighbourhood Groups

This program helps immigrant women living in Calgary practice English and build friendships.  It is open to all immigrant women including those who are already Canadian citizens.

Program Details

  • Weekly group sessions
  • English conversation practice
  • Personal story-telling
  • Community resources information
  • Networking opportunities
  • Field trips and guest speakers

Free childcare is available.

Wednesday’s 10 AM – noon

Presented in conjunction with Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association

Home Church Groups

People meet to build relationships and care support systems, as well as study the Bible.  It functions as a small church. Friday evenings at members homes, 7:30 PM.

Women’s QT and Men’s QT

Women meet Saturday mornings at member’s homes, 10:00 AM to noon.

Men meet Monday evenings at River Park Church, room 110,  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Church Membership Course

This course is geared to prepare Koreans for church membership, emphasizing core Biblical truths and the Christian way of living.  Offered as required.

Pastoral Care

To provide pastoral care and counseling to resolve the difficulties that members must face as immigrants.


For more information contact Pastor Harrison Cho.